Here are a few photos of the shop equipment.  Note that much of the equipment was
designed and built by Rouse Custom Fabrication (RCF).  

Click on the photos for more info or a larger resolution photo.
Stock Material Processing and Cleaning
  • bandsaw - RCF base and coolant system
  • shear - RCF base
  • RCF blast cabinet
  • RCF parts washer
  • RCF pattern burner
Turning, Milling and Drilling
  • Emco Lathe/Mill
  • large drill press
  • small precision drill press
  • misc bench grinders
Welding and Finishing
  • Lincoln Square Wave TIG 175 - RCF cart
  • Lincoln SP-175 Plus MIG - RCF cart
  • Lincoln arc welder
  • Spot welder
  • Oxyacetylene rig
  • Numerous clamps, anvils, grinders, etc
  • RCF louver press                                        
  • RCF English wheel
  • RCF brake
  • RCF pneumatic planishing hammer
  • RCF ring roller (AKA the cheerleader)
  • RCF slip roller
  • RCF bead roller
  • Peck, Stow and Wilcox bead roller
  • JD2 tubing bender
  • RCF hydraulic one-shot tubing bender
  • Bar and rod bender with scroll attachments
  • Throatless shear
  • RCF shrinker
  • RCF stretcher
  • RCF press brake
  • RCF fender roller
  • Wray Tool bag
  • Pair of stumps
  • Numerous hammers and dollies