Here are a few of our projects.  Click on the photos for more.
Curved Louvers
Hot Rod Louvers
Louver Press Build - from fire and dirt
(click thumbnail for two pages of photos)
Cub Cadet Louvers - The new v-twin engine needed
better cooling and it just looked cool.
Spot Welder Stand - using reclaimed sheet metal to free
your hands when spot welding
1933 Chevrolet - Building a hot rod... everything from
body panels to suspensions.
Project: NOT Made in China - This mini chopper is
custom made in the USA.  It is not a Chinese toy.
1927 Lakes Modified - Here's the frame.  More to come...
1939 Oldsmobile Fuel Tank
Radiator Grills
Giant Wall Cone
Hurricane Wall Candleabra
Rustic Candle Sconce
Giant Candle Holder
Handy Cart
Steel Bowl
Fleur-de-lis Curtain Rods
Meat Hook
Meat Branding Iron